How to Use

This Data Portal provides access to all readily available datasets. To find what you seek, you may use any of the following browsing aids:

  • Enter any search term in the bar marked "Search."
  • Click on "Placename" itself to list all placenames or an individual placename.
  • Click on "Subject" itself to list all subjects or an individual subject.
  • Click on "Data Type" itself to list all data types or on an individual data type.
  • Zoom or move the map to a specific place to search geospatially. (As an initial guide, the blue box marks the outer extent for the collected datasets on the site.)

Once you begin your search, you can further narrow your search terms to restrict the results you see.

Browser Compatibility

This site requires the use of contemporary browsers with ES6 support. That requirement excludes end-of-life browsers such as Internet Explorer.

It has been successfully tested on:

  • Chrome - 96.0.4664.45
  • Firefox - 95.0b12 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Edge - 96.0.1054.41 (Official build) (64-bit)